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Connor Montgomery - Director/Tutor

Connor started Fresh Music in 2004.  His aim was to build a company which focused on creating opportunity and providing the best service in Aberdeen for guitar lessons.  From one student Connor has built a community of musicians and now teaches 80 students every week.  

Fresh Music Live has given the students the opportunity to perform in a professional environment and learn what it's like to play in front of a paying audience.  The shows have helped students gain confidence, hoan their skills and build relationships with other like minded individuals.

The Fresh Function Band was formed in 2018 off the back of the success of the  Fresh Music Live shows.  6 of Connor's most accomplished musicians have now formed a fully operational function band.  They regularly meet to rehearse and are available to book through Fresh Music Aberdeen.  They have taken what was a hobby and are now making income from their talent.

Connor's vision to give every student a fair opportunity has helped Fresh Music bring awareness and raise money for charities in the local area.  Having worked with The Archie Foundation and Northsound's Cash For Kids as well as giving money to local schools and projects Fresh Music has been able to set the standard for what private music lessons should be in the Granite City. 

If you want to join the family we'd love to have you.  Fresh Music is bringing music back to the city and we'd love to have you alongside. Contact us for more.